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Free e-lerning resources for coaching NEETs in their professional and personal development

2016-09-18  |  Posted by Eleonora Dragomir

Resources for language learning :

It's free and is very efficient https://en.duolingo.com/ 

This platform is offering very efficient lessons for language learning . First of all you have to set the website language in you mother tongue or in a language that you know. Then you can choose the language you want to learn and the level. 

The NEETs can enter the platform any time they need , the coach will be there for encourage them and to recognise their progress.

Resources for short trainings 

There are many offers of trainings on LInked-in .

The learner  have to be first logged-in on linked-in platorm and then to search the training he need . 

For example https://www.linkedin.com/learning/running-a-design-business-starting-small

is a very short training abiout how to start a small business in design .

Most of this courses are in English and  the coach most important job for this trainings is to translate the information in the young learner language 

Resources for entrepreneurial education 


This platform is offering a course and a lot of examples of bussiness plans for small busineses 

The learners will have to log-in to benefit of the training and they can use the business plans for free. The language of the platform can be changed in the trainee mother tongue .


ECMYNN is supported by the entities of the territory to connect with young people

2016-07-28  |  Posted by Cesar Galdo

Almost thirty social entities of the territory were recently convened by the municipality of San Sadurniño for the second day of work framed in the ECMYNN, the European project where the Local Administration participate, and where the objective is to improve the skills of the people and institutions that are involved in the field of employment and training for youth. The meetings look for to integrate the entities in the participatory phase of the project in order to build bridges with the groups of young people who are in each area of the territory with the aim to discover their training needs, labour expectations or even leisure preferences. Another of the objectives of the meetings is to publicize the Youth House of San Sadurniño. This is a space that has already been in operation for several months as a facility for training courses and lectures. However, as its name indicates, the building is meant to be a reference for the youth activity from the point of view of training and leisure. The Youth House has three rooms and even a soundproof one that can be used how music test office. At the moment there is not an ordinance that regulates the use of the building formally, which does not detract from the fact that those entities or informal groups of youngsters can request the spaces for specific acts. The City Council wants that the building can be self-managed by young people with activities organized preferably by their own. For that reason the meetings of social research of ECMYNN will also be designed to detect the needs and perspectives of the use of the facilities by the young population, which is around 18 per cent of the total of San Sadurniño’s population. To the last meetings came 40 people in representation of the 30 convened entities, and in addition the responsibles of different municipal departments. Above the table was the request that the entities could encourage the youngsters to integrate them into the project How?, maintaining informal meetings with the support team to the European project and asking them what are their needs: labour, leisure, training, etc. The work plan envisages to schedule these meetings until the end of October to, already in November, put in order for the information gathered and to develop proposals for action, which will be submitted at the beginning of the year, first in San Sadurniño, and after in Romania - in the last ECMYNN transnational event – as a part of the results obtained together with the rest of European entities involved in the project. The ultimate ECMYNN goal is to define a guide of good practices with proven results that could be useful for entities all over Europe which work in the field of youth and which enable them to better connect with interests and needs of youngsters, especially in issues related with work and training.