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Working with Peers: Municipality of San Giovanni Teatino has been working for three months with 4 local youth to find the proper way to approach local NEETs.

2016-10-31  |  Posted by Matteo Paradisi

What do local NEETs like? What do they do in their ordinary life? Where do they meet? When? Starting by these questions, Municipality of San Giovanni Teatino decided to involve 4 Peers (local youth) in order to try to understand local NEETs and meet their needs and goals. From 1 July to 16 September the team group of Municipality and the 4 Peers met once a week to plan, design and implement a local event able to gather local NEETs. Entertainment, music and gaming were the key-words recommended by Peers. From these points the event “Worknparty” came up. The 4 Peers with the cooperation of team group of Municipality worked on a Communication Plan (including facebook fanpage continuously update with post, Instagram profile, poster and video about event), on a gaming based on work topics (taboo for job) and on the organisation of event “Worknparty” that place in San Giovanni Teatino in September. 

The municipality of San Sadurniño is going to celebrate two meetings with youth people next week within the project ECMYNN

2016-10-21  |  Posted by Cesar Galdo

"If you are between 14 and 30 and are from San Sadurniño, you have an appointment! An appointment with all your young neighbours and with the Municipality. And it is time for the young people tell aloud your needs, how is your day to day and how you see the future. " With this clear and direct message starts the text that this month publishes the Municipality of San Sadurniño in newsletter "Novas" -a local monthly journal- to involve youth in the development of the European project ECMYNN. A call that summons the youth to participate on Monday afternoon 24 or 29 on Saturday morning in a meeting organized with the aim of young people to speak openly about what their needs and future prospects. The meetings take place in the House of Youth and will not be even a boring lecture nor a session to fill surveys on paper, but it will be full of cooperative games and other group dynamics that foster dialogue with a part of the neighborhood that in San Sadurniño represents around 20% of the population.

 The program Enhancing Competences to Meet Young Neet's Needs (ECMYNN) continues its research stage in San Sadurniño try to finding a methodology that helps to reduce in an European level the problem of young people who neither study nor work and also, find ways that the youth people -work, not work, study or not estude- approach normally to the administration to make hear their requests and even actively focused on defining its policies.

In recent months there has been an intense work of sociological research with the help of neighbor associations, sports clubs and public school, they keep in contact technicians and the youth of the municipality. A job that materialized over 200 questionnaires and interviews which provided valuable statistical information on the different profiles of what is commonly called "youth", but also interesting data to formulate strategies that approximate the administration to young people and, vice versa who also propose the way young people approach public bodies to let them know their demands.

However, the statistic is only a part. The other is the social invigoration to get involved the youngsters in public life, proposing ideas and participating in groups that transcend their immediate environment. In this regard the Council has organized two meetings with youth in the Youth House.

These two meetings are scheduled on two different days so that young people can choose which will best participate. Are open to youth between 14 and 30 years and, they aren´t lectures or conferences. They are conceived as events in which prevail the group activities of all kinds, such as the cooperative games and other dynamic to achieve young people talk about what awaits of the administration and also about how they see his future.

The employment, training, housing, the offer of activities, lack of activities, currently activities and how it could improve... are just some questions that we seek to address the meetings to hear the views and proposals of young people .

 The coordination of the program is making contact with young people who participated in the polls summer. However, the meetings will add more youth sending an e-mail to orientacion.laboral@sansadurnino.gal or calling the phone 981490027 and ext.2 608,201,251.

The result of the meeting-which also is expected to promote the creation of groups of young people with common interests – will be systematized in a guide of actions that will be added later to the end of the study ECMYNN along with contributions from other European institutions involved in the project funded by the Erasmus + . The initiative ends in May 2017 and its mission is to synthesize in a single document a list of best practices that can be applied by institutions and public authorities across the EU, aimed mainly at reducing the rate of youth who neither study nor work. The project is coordinated by ECMYNN institutions from Italy, Poland, Greece, Romania and, in Spain, in San Sadurniño.