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WORKNPARTY: a new way to approach and involve local NEETs in Municipality of San Giovanni Teatino

2016-10-20  |  Posted by Matteo Paradisi

On the 16 September 2016 an event named “Worknparty” took place in San Giovanni Teatino. Local Municipality, in collaboration with a small group of  local Peers, organised an event in order to present new services addressed to local NEETs. Since July 2016 these four Peers and Municipality employees met once a week to design, plan and manage the event "Work & Party - Opportunity cocktail". It was an informal event, with music, games and a cocktail offered to each participant. At  that event all the new opportunities provided by municipality through ECMYNN project were presented to local youth. Moreover, the Regional organisation Abruzzo Sviluppo presented SELFIEmployment, a new action addressed to youth who want to start a new business on their own. Even the Mayor of San Giovanni Teatino Luciano Marinucci and the Council member Simona Cinosi attended the event stressing the importance of these new services and the willing of Municipalities in supporting local youth facing the problem of unemployment. 

The Council of San Sadurniño will develop at the end of this month two working sessions with youth under the ECMYNN project

2016-10-19  |  Posted by Cesar Galdo

The European program Enhancing Competences to Meet Needs Young's Neet (ECMYNN) continues its research stage in San Sadurniño in finding a methodology that helps at European level to reduce the problem of young people who neither study or work. The project is coordinated by institutions from Italy, Poland, Greece, Romania and, from Spain, San Sadurniño. At this moment they are testing new ways of connection between the administration and the youth. So, they are trying to reach this section of citizenship will speak about their concerns and needs in order to articulate policies that promote employment, training or leisure. During the summer has become an intense field work, interviewing and facilitating questionnaires to more than 200 young people aged between 14 and 35 years. Now, all the information is collected and systematized. Based on it, at the end of this month will take place at the House of Youth two group dynamics staged by young people.

During the phase of sociological research the technicians in charge of the project carried out interviews, attended the meeting points of young people with the collaboration of sports clubs, social organizations of the territory and the education center to gather information to define the profile -the profiles, better said- the youth of San Sadurniño.

The team picked up more than 200 surveys that are currently being processed to extract them valuable statistical information with the propose to concrete measures on how to approach the administration to young people and, vice versa, how do young people approach the administration to let him know their demands. And this problem, the disconnect between the youngsters and public institutions, is common to the rest of Europe and hence the ECMYNN marked as a priority to find work systems in the administrations to help save the rift.

However, the statistic is only a part. The other, is the social invigoration, the intention of youngsters get involved in public life, proposing ideas and participating in groups that transcend their immediate environment. In this regard, the Council is organizing two meetings in the House of Youth, on Monday 24 and on Saturday 29.

The reason for joining groups of young people in the Youth House is twofold: on the one hand to meet this new space and, on the other hand, take the meetings to express their demands of all types, such as those related to training, new ways of boosting entrepreneurship or equipment and, leisure proposals they deem interesting.

The result of the meeting-which also is expected to promote the creation of groups of young people with same interests- will be systematized in a guide of actions that will be added in the whole ECMYNN study (contributions from other European institutions involved in the project funded by the Erasmus +) . The initiative ends in May 2017 and its mission is to synthesize in a single document a list of best practices that can be applied by institutions and public authorities across the EU, aimed mainly at reducing the rate of youth who neither study or work.

5 million of NEETs in Europe
Although the work is developing in San Sadurniño reaches all the youth, the mainly objective of ECMYNN is work in NEET reality that, according to Eurostat, representing 5 million people or 17.3% of the European population. A fact that due to many circumstances and that exceeds the concept, (always contemptuous) that society has of the word NEET. Considering that, includes those who do not study or work because they do not want, as well as young people who are looking and not find work, young people without jobs who do not have training offering in their ara, that allows access to a job and, also, youth who can not work or study on family circumstances.

The Eurostat recently published data of 2015. It indicates that Spain is the EU country where more increased in the last decade the percentage of young people among 20 to 24 who neither study or work. The total country percentage is 22.2%, exceeded only by Italy (31.1%), Greece (26.1%), Croatia (24.1%) and Bulgaria (24%).