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Testing Services: The Evaluation process

2016-10-19  |  Posted by Nicola Trinchini

After the second transnational Meeting experience in Greece (May 2016), during which Lynx Territorio Sociale managed the discussions on innovative services to be implemented in each of the Partners’ Countries, this italian partner prepared customized tools in order to guarantee monitoring and final evaluation, at the end of the services testing phase. 

This Lynx’s task starts up considering two main dimensions concernig the planned service for NEETs, such as Attraction and Management, and, more, Communication activities to be done as well. 

The output was a performance indicators scheme shared with each partners on the basis of their own specific planned services to be filled in a step by step mode.

Specifically, indicators was made starting from the partners contributions to explain their planned services, as they shared with Lynx through the filling of two preliminary formats named “Planning new service idea” and “Practical description of new service”, concerning the definitive version of planned services.

For each of the three deepend dimensions (Attraction, Management and Communication) partner have to record numeric values  (“measure”) and detailed descriptions concerning indicators as well (“Details”) in order to get finally the performances report. 

On the other hand, Lynx Territorio Sociale provided to all the ECMYNN Partners another “qualitative” format where they have to describe their experiences of realized innovative services at the end of the testing phase.

Particularly, partners'll have to report five main dimensions: 

·      Innovative service description: Partners have to provide an exhaustive description of innovative service they developed, starting from its ratio and objectives.

·      Context: Partners have to provide a specification of their own contextes, underlining how the service is linked with the need of each of ECMYNN territories

·      Notable aspects of developed innovative services: Partners have to underline the aspects that they think are really innovative, with respect of their own contextes.  

·      Results: Partners have to report the main results of the service and underline the output of each of realized activities. They have to indicate also the main beneficiaries, underlining their type, number, and the work they’ve done with NEETs. In this sections must to be reported the main impact of the service on the basis of  the performance indicators schemes.

·      Lessons learned during realized activities with NEETs : partners have to provide their own considerations about the lessons learned during the realized activities with NEEts.

·      Follow up to institutionalization of services: Partners have to   provide a follow up of the service. 

The deadline to send Lynx Territorio Sociale back the performance indicators scheme and the final qualitative report, edited on the basis of the upquoted format, is December 15th 2016. Once Lynx will receive all the partners contributions, it will start to edit the evaluation report of tested services.  The main outputs will be shortly shown in this section of ECMYNN  platform.           

NEET counselling and education in Association for Science Culture ,Ecology Youth and Social Integration from Piatra Neamt-Romania

2016-10-18  |  Posted by Eleonora Dragomir

ASCETIS is using Art as an ambassador in order to encourage and counsel NEETS

In order to connect NEETS that are most hard to be reached by recruiting services of schools and work placement agencies, ASCETIS launched a campaign on internet.

The popular social networks and communication tools like FABOOK , Blogspot , Branded.me had been used to spread the campaign .

The attraction point was the award in money that was promised to the most talented and skilled NEETS.

In order to become contestants the  NEET youngsters were invited to fill a questionnaire that was created on GOOGLE forms. Below is a fragment from the answers analyze.

The youngsters that filled the form had been contacted by youth workers and been invited and assisted to create accounts on linked-in.

As we can see in the figure above that is illustrating the answers to the question “ What talent do you have , what do you know to do better ?”80% of the NEETS are more confident in domains that are combining art with technological skills Design of interiors 47%, Events organizer 9,5%, electrical installations and light  design, 9,5 % welding , metal work .

The youngsters proved their answers with photos, movies or products. They been counseled on how their skills may be efficient in an enterprise and been encouraged to improve them.

Most of the applicant NEETS are in this moment out of the NEET situation . 10 % of them found new work places , 50 % found a school to improve their skills and only 40 % are still NEETS  and are still in our counseling program.

For this NEETS we organized a self-development program that is including language training, computer skills development and art based socialization in a club called “Multilinguae Cartiani “ .