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Resources for language learning

It's free and is very efficient. This platform is offering very efficient lessons for language learning. First of all you have to set the website language in you mother tongue or in a language that you know. Then you can choose the language you want to learn and the level.

The NEETs can enter the platform any time they need , the coach will be there for encourage them and to recognise their progress.


Resources for short time trainings

There are many offers of short time trainings focused on very imp[ortant issues in bussiness comerce , personal development and entrepreneurship on www.linkedin.com.

First step:

The learner  have to logg-in on linked-in platorm.If your learners never used this kind of a network you will have to guide them to create their professional profile on linked-in . This will be a good step for their career too.

Second step:

Search for the training that feets he needs of the trainees. For example https://www.linkedin.com/learning/running-a-design-business-starting-small is a very short training abiout how to start a small business in design.

Most of this courses are in English and  the most important job of the coach for this trainings will be to translate the information in the mother tongue of the young learner.


Resources for entrepreneurial education

http://elearning.siposiulyan.ro/ is a very efficient platform created with European Union supoort during the erasmus+ strategic partnership project Era+.( http://eraplus.wixsite.com/erasmus )

This platform is offering a course and a lot of examples of bussiness plans for small busineses The learners will have to log-in to benefit of the training and they can use the business plans for free.

The language of the platform can be changed in the trainee mother tongue.

Other useful links

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