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Caritas Archdiocese of Gdansk is an organization of church which brings help to every single person in need regardless of worldview, religion, gender, age, or health status. Within its means, it runs centers for children and youth, medical and social help centers, elderly centers, therapy centers for people with disabilities and a hospice. It is supported by volunteers, church members, and school caritas groups. It fulfills all of these functions by providing stable help.

Caritas is the largest non-profit organization in Poland and has a high level of social recognition due to the Reliability of Their work. Caritas returned its activities in 1990. The organization currently employs 350 people and our work supports 5500 volunteers.

Caritas is deeply involved in work with youth groups at risk of social exclusion. For over 15 years it provides a support for young people in different fields - educational, social, psychological. The staff working in these fields is equipped in many competences necessary to achieve all the goals.

Since 2010 is leading a Second Chance School project which is an innovative model of vocational and social training for unemployed young people outside the education system.

Caritas is also a member of E2C - international union of Second Chance Schools, whereby takes participates in youth exchanges, projects and meetings.

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Aleja NIepodległości 778
81-805 Sopot


K.D.V.M. Atom (Lifelong Learning Center Atom) is established in Patras - Greece. Its mission is to provide services of vocational training, lifelong learning services and related educational services such as guidance and career mentoring, development of educational materials, participation in integrated programs and community initiatives, work support and promotion. ATOM organizes various events and workshops for the development of competences among youth workers and the recognition of non-formal learning in youth work.

ATOM Lifelong Learning Center participates in various National education and training programs for battling unemployment in Greece and for offering qualification courses for undereducated young people. At the same time ATOM successfully organizes educational and training programs, including projects, workshops, trainings, and conferences for young people to develop communication skills, leadership, to upgrade their professional skills level, and enterprise skills.

K.D.V.M ATOM can deliver the following items in this areas:
• Further training and subsidized educational programs for non and or self-employed workers
• Design, development and implementation of vocational training for young people not in education – employment (NEET’s)
• Integrated programs to combat vulnerable social groups from social exclusion (EKO)
• Design, development and implementation of training programs based on business’ individual needs
• Vocational Guidance services, business counselling and support
• European programs research and development studies
• Development of transnational– inter European activities and cooperation concerning adult education, innovative product development and services related to lifelong learning supranational vital interest
• Participation in national and European networks and partnerships

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PEO Patras-Pyrgos 115
25002, Patras

Territorio Sociale

Lynx Territorio Sociale srl. is a for profit organization founded in 2006, due to encounter between professionals specialized in projects and services in the social and economic policies field.

The company acts as an innovation and development factor, creating best conditions both for the growth of individual, and collective and economic territory. It arises in connection with the active social forces promoting social responsibility.

Each activity aims to provide the best technical assistance to public bodies and individuals who participate in the local policies implementation. The company is an innovation agency, able to intercept funding opportunities for land development and support projects throughout their implementation and achievement.

Lynx Territorio Sociale srl, has got a working group consisting of experienced professionals in the fields of:
•Social Research:social research is a basic element to startup all our projects, we manage both quantitative and qualitative research, using innovative model as literature suggest
•Social Communication: Social communication means disseminate values, raise awareness of new styles of action and life. For this, we design and build specific campaigns, aimed to raising public opinion towards issues of collective interest, promoting change and growth.
•Local planning Assistance: we work to favoring full synergy between subjects, in order to achieve a truly integrated and sustainable development. Thanks to this approach, each local authority can always count on innovative and effective project support
•Information systems for social services management: We know the importance of information and complex data analysis in an organized group. Utilizing most advanced softwares, team working becomes more fluid and efficient.
•Training and consultancy for fundraising practices: We support public and non-profit organizations to finance activities by fundraising practices. We help organizations to attract new volunteers and to consolidate relations between the founders and associates.
•Project Management: Each project is a complex system of actions whose success is determined by managerial practicequality. For this reason, our commitment and our capabilities go beyond simple design and creation of “access to funds” conditions
•Equal opportunities and work-life balance policies:We support cultural change towards a new vision of work, matching the needs of professional-quality and private life. We bring systems to increase productivity, decrease absenteeism and improve companies social image.
•Monitoring and evaluation of funded projects: Each project is monitored and evaluated both during work and in the final phase. This approach allows a constant perception of activities, focusing energies towards objectives achievement and to the future programs development.
•Network enterprises management: We promote business networks to deal with global marketsdynamics. We use to manage critical paths and facilitate network dynamics.
•Human Resource Consultancy: Roles identification, analysis and optimization are crucial to exploit any professional organization potential. We work to generate efficiency,business climate improvement and competitive advantage.

Lynx Territorio Sociale srl works mainly in the Regione Abruzzo context. Its customers are mainly municipalities, public and private organizations to which it gives advice on social policy strategies, project managing, planning, social research, plans and programs evaluation, communication. In a general lack of resources context, company offers innovative solution for their optimization and new funding perspectives, trying to connect social needs and civil society.

Via Trieste, 16
Sulmona (Aq) - Italy


The municipality of San Sadurniño is located in Galicia, NorthWest of Spain. It is near to the urban space of Ferrol district, however it presents typical galician rural caracteristics. Its population is 3020 inhabitants. The City Council owns facilities and technicians specialist in employment, education, local development, equality, social services, sports, culture and ICT. Pretend tackle the whole needs of the persons from an integral point of view.

Related with youngsters, we deal with respond at their needs with emphasis in the prevention, but not only. The local development is our main tool, valuing endogenous resources and reactivation of primary resources. In fact, recently it was implanted the 21 Local Agenda (social, environmental and economical guides), as well as were improved the social invigoration. All of this, from a perspective of sustainable development.

We planning in local, however always thinking in global. In this way, we have participated in several european projects: “Improving the Planning and Management of Networks of Twinned Towns Project”; “Europe for citizens: Go Green Now”; “Epic Poetry and Amor Cortese” (Grundtvig learnin partnerships); “Sustainable Energy for Proffesionals­SEP (Leonardo da Vinci) and, nowadays ECMYNN.

16 ES11 - Galicia E-15560 Spain

Municipality of San Giovanni Teatino

San Giovanni Teatino is a beautiful town with almost 14.000 habitants placed in the center of Italy (Abruzzo): it is immersed into a beautiful landscape and close to the Adriatic sea.

The Municipality of San Giovanni Teatino is committed to carry on many actions with the aim of improving the life style and the health of its citizen by promoting good practices especially in the field of sport, young people and environment. In particular, through its Department of Labour Policy, the municipality carries on policies aimed at connecting young people to the labour market.

One of the main activity consists on a support service named “Sangiò lavoro” authorized by the Ministry of Welfare, with the main task of collecting the curricula of unemployed young persons in order to create an intersection between the demand of the labour market and supply of labour.

Aware of the importance for young people to realize an international experience, the municipality wants to promote learning mobility actions in order to improve the key competences and the transversal skills of young generation. The Municipality is the lead partner of the consortium ”Enhancing Competences to Meet Young's NEETs Needs” ERASMUS+:YOUTH IN ACTION – Key Action 2 and actually.

piazza Municipio 18 ITF1 - Abruzzo 66020
San Giovanni Teatino


ASCETIS , Association for Science , Culture , Ecology , Youth and Social Integration is a not for profit , nongovernmental organization located in Piatra Neamt –Romania which is activating at regional and international level as a private entity that is connecting the local communities and organizations with similar organizations from Europe with the scope of social and economic cohesion. ASCETIS main scope is to prevent poverty and social exclusion in Neamt county witch is located in the poorest region of Romania and one of the poorest regions of Europe , the N-E region , by promoting the touristy and cultural potential of this region , developing education, training programs ,guidance and counseling to youth and socially disadvantaged adults and to the trainers working with this categories of learners, promotion of local values and environment protection.

Since 2007, when ASCETIS was created as a not for profit educational NGO with very highly qualified and experienced staff, having 6 highly qualified specialists in education as permanent members and collaborating with a wide range of specialists in various domains the following activities were developed:
• education and support of youth and adult people who belong to socially disadvantaged groups,
• development of environmental, scientific, cultural, sportive, educational and social programs and offering of guidance and support to local schools and NGO-s in order to extend their educational offers .
• promotion of scientific and cultural values specific to Romania and especially to its' N-E Region, promotion of European values to Neamt county population by workshops , conferences , publications.
• protection of the environment and diversity,
• promotion of sustainable development and specific ecological measures within rural and urban communities .
• supporting socially disadvantaged students;
• offering free additional training for students with poor results in school;
• offering free additional training for students capable of performance;
• offering authorized coaching courses for teachers/engineers/graduates of higher education;
• offering initiation and qualification courses in very modern jobs as Web Designer and Computer Controlled Technologies for youth and adults at risk of social marginalization in order to increase their employability.
• running training projects for disadvantaged students
• organization of environment protection actions , awarding the best volunteers
• education of youngsters to protect environment and to develop their skills for sustainable development and cultural diversity protection
• entrepreneurial counseling and advice for young graduates that want to start independent productive activities

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B-dul Traian nr. 90, bloc M36, ap. 17
Judet Neamt, Romania